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Uses the Ergast and Google Maps APIs, LAMP stack, and Materialize.

I am a very thorough Web Developer with a real passion for technology and improving the user experience. I have a BA in Music from Central Washington University and I am always using my artistic side to complement the logicality of coding.

After a relatively short stint in sales for a couple of companies, I decided that the career I really wanted was in software development. I quit my job, moved back in with my mother, and basically hit the reset button on my life in order to attend Coding Dojo in Bellevue. Armed with the skills required to pursue one of my passions, I secured my current position with Expedia, Inc. as an Associate Software Engineer..

Check out some of my projects above!

I always try to think of coding in the same way that I think of writing music:

  • Certain notes don't go together - you must use the right syntax and the best languages/features/modules in concert with each other.
  • The whole thing must progress in a certain way - keep in mind the scoping of variables and classes, hoisting, etc.
  • It must also be playable - it must provide an intuitive user interface with a rewarding experience for the user.

Music also taught me about dedication. Spending 4-6 hours per day alone in a practice room was necessary to master control of the piano, and it is no different with coding.

Through my current experience with Expedia I have learned and become accustomed to what it takes to be a successful Software Engineer in an Agile environment. The number one thing that I strive for is to learn something new every day. Whether it's a small CSS trick or learning to use JavaScript Promises, every day brings more knowledge.

If you're interested, go ahead and email me so we can talk about about how I may fit into your team!

- Sorensenapaul@gmail.com